Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

We have had a fun, busy week!!! Ian had an Easter egg hunt with his class at the park!!

Ian LOVES this little girl!!! Sadie, he says she is his "girlfriend" I think I'm going to be in trouble!
But, she is the cutest little thing!

Ian's class also had an Easter bonnet parade. So, we had to decorate a hat out of paper plates. Here is Ian's hat.

Ian is really into helicopters these day, so we tried to make it a little "boyish" and put a helicopter up there.

In class, they made the cutest little sock bunnies out of there socks. Ian's bunny turned out so cute!

The girls talked me into baby ducks again this year. They didn't have any chicks so we got 2 little duckies!!!
I think my girls should have been raised on a farm...They love these animals.

Then we went home and colored some eggs!!!

Pretty Glitter eggs!!

Monday, April 18, 2011

My Baby was accepted to a University too far from home

Oh my goodness...My baby was accepted into a University, the letter came today exactly 2 months before her 18th Birthday. Now, the big question will be if she goes away to FAU in Boca Raton or stays at home and goes to the Community College. She is already dual enrolled so it would be a very easy transition to just stay at the Community college.
I cannot believe my baby girl is graduating from high school in 46 days.

Ian had Waddle for the weekend

The Kids made "Dogs in a Blanket" for lunch! Ian shared with Waddle!

Snacks for Ian's class...
Ants on a log
Ladybugs on a Leaf!

Ian took Waddle strawberry picking!

Sidewalk chalk!

Ian took Waddle for a ride in his truck!

Mommy & Ian went to the park and had a picnic together with Waddle and Ian wanted to fish, but the only problem was it was so windy that day and Waddle flew off the dock and into the water..

Ian fed Waddle chocolate covered strawberries!

It was too windy for fishing so we left and went to fly a kite!!
Ian loves to bring Waddle home for weekends!!!