Saturday, February 14, 2009

Disney Trip for Lexi's Birthday

Gabrielle was so ready to go get her autographs!!! It was kinda cute:)

Gabby giving her "younger" sister a birthday hug!! How sweet! I just love the love they share, they are best friends for sure.
Thought this was beautiful! It was a gorgeous day, bright blue sky and they wrote Jesus above Magic Kingdom!!
We first met "Daisy Duck"

The little Raccoon that is following us everywhere this weekend is "Chester" and his little brother Ronnie, they are the little class pets for Lexi's preschool class. She is in the Bumblebee class and we were so excited that Lexi got to bring home Chester and Ronnie for her 5th Birthday weekend because last year Gabrielle was in the Bumblebee class and she also celebrated her 5th Birthday with the same Chester and Ronnie!

We LOVE Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse
We had a WONDERFUL Girls day out for Lexi's birthday, we went to Magic Kingdom and just played all day and had lunch together it was lots of fun!

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