Saturday, April 18, 2009

Fun on Church St.

One day I was downtown and drove over a railroad track and saw this train just sitting here, I just had to make a trip down there to let the kids see the train. I just absolutely love to take pictures on railroad tracks. I'm not real sure why, but whenever I am near railroad tracks they just remind me of my grandma!
Ian loved sitting on the train, he sat there for a VERY long time!
Miss Attitude:)

Hurry, All Aboard!!!!

I'm getting the look below. We had to have a "talk", we weren't in the best part of town and my little Miss Gabrielle wanted to run along the railroad track and I couldn't make her understand she HAD to stay with me.

Ian told me this is a hammer, but this picture is neat to me because when I was a kid and my grandma took us walking on the railroad tracks we would always pick these railroad spikes up!
He wanted in the luggage compartment, but I don't think he realized how small it was!

Playing ring around the rosie on the railroad track

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