Saturday, April 18, 2009

Going on an Easter egg hunt

The Church held at Gabrielle's school had an Easter egg hunt, lots of fun!
Cotton Candy!

Ian was playing peek a boo with his hat while we were waiting in line to go on a pony ride
Giving mommy a little love!

PONY rides!!!!!

I found something that makes Ian sit for a long period of time!!! A Snow Cone! He sat there and ate every bite of ice, and spilled it all over his shirt

The girls enjoyed jumping in the bounce house

Waiting for the egg hunt to start

Look at all the eggs!!!

Easter egg coloring
Gabrielle and her tongue! This is what Jim looks like when he is concentrating. Poor girl has daddy's habit.

Ian didn't get to color his eggs because he fell asleep after the egg hunt. He was wiped out! And, McKenzie didn't want to color eggs this year:(

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