Monday, April 20, 2009

More chicky pictures

We took our chicks for another fun photo session!!!
The kids loved playing with these chicks so much, but then the next day Lexi & Ian started having cold like symptoms and my wonderful husband had me convinced that I gave my kids the bird flu. I was so scared I got up first thing the next morning and took the 2 chicks back where they came from and the other chick had died so then I really did think the kids had the bird flu because the one chick was sick. So, off we went to the Dr.'s office and the Dr told me not to worry, they don't have bird flu!!! My husband then thought it was funny that I was so scared and went to the Dr, I know I am the biggest worrier when my kids get sick. I said I will never let my kids play with chicks again, but after the Dr. made me feel better, I think we may get a couple more chicks again someday!!

Ian just woke up so he still looks sleepy and had messy hair!

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