Sunday, May 31, 2009

Lexi graduated from Preschool!

Lexi's last day of school was on Thursday May 28th, that evening they had there graduation ceremony. We are really going to miss Mrs. Melanie & Mrs. Luz from the bumblebee class and we are also going to miss the Journey Early Learning center!
Lexi made the bumblebee mugs for her teachers, the girls love to go to the pottery place!!!
She did her fingerprints for the bumblebees!
Lexi's class also had to make a scrapbook page for each teacher! I was a little nervous about this because I have never really gotten into scrapbooking. I have bought some stuff to do it in the past but never found the time to do it, so I wasn't real sure how this would turn out. But, it was so much fun, now I want to make a scrapbook for each of my kids!
Lexi's bumblebee page

At graduation with Mrs. Luz and Mrs. Melanie
Lexi coloring with her friends

Lexi's VERY BEST friend, Kyra!
Lexi is so sad that Kyra will not be at the same school for Kindergarten, so we'll have to make play dates to get together!
Lexi with Kyra and Noah, Lexi and Noah were in the same class for the past 2 years! She will miss him too, he will be going to a different school for Kindergarten as well.
This was so sweet, as we were getting ready to leave Edrick's mom came up to me and said
"my son has secretly liked Lexi all year", he takes up for Lexi when the other boys pick on her. Edrick's mom said that he wanted to buy Lexi a gift and he picked it out all on his own and even paid for it with his own money. I just wanted to cry, that was the sweetest thing! And, WOW, he has really good taste, he bought Lexi the most beautiful Pink Hello Kitty watch!
Thank you so much Edrick, that was very sweet!

Edrick even cut out a picture of him and Lexi and taped it to the inside of the box, in a heart shape! How cute!!

Lexi and Kyra playing, silly girls!
I took Lexi out by the lake to get some pictures of her in her "preschool cap & gown", before I know it, she will be in her high school cap & gown, life goes way too fast

Gabrielle wanted me to pick a cat tail, so I did! Just for her:)

The kids spotted lots of tadpoles swimming, then they wanted to capture some, so we did that too!

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