Saturday, August 1, 2009


Waiting to get our pass to ride on the train!
Sears Tower
While daddy was waiting in line to get into the Sears Tower we decided to get some pictures by the Skydeck, and whats the first thing my kids do? Pick flowers, we are going to get yelled at someday.

Sears Tower is huge
Pictures from inside the Sears Tower, they had a glass floor section and Ian loved it, he was pointing out little birds and people

The Field of Natural History Museum is in the below picture! Taken from the Sears Tower
Chicago is a beautiful City, but it is called the windy city for a reason! It was so windy, we froze.
Waiting for the train to ride over to the Field of Natural History Museum
Inside the Museum
Leaving the Museum
Another view of the Sears Tower
A fun adventurous day in Chicago. Wish McKenzie would have been able to come with us, she had committed to the church to help during there vacation bible school so she stayed home to go do that.

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