Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Little Brides:)

On our Anniversary the girls always want to watch our wedding video, so again this year they did and they were asking where is McKenzie's wedding dress? So, we thought we would get it out and let the girls see it! Well, we realized it pretty much fit them so we decided to turn them into little brides for a day!
Gabrielle wore the dress first! And, had so much fun in it and she was loving modeling it!

I really don't like my pictures taken, but I really want my kids to have pictures when they grow up of them and there mommy!

This picture is actually one of my favorite, Gabby giving mommy a kiss!
My Runaway Bride:)
And finally it is Alexandria's turn to model the wedding dress! She waited so patiently!

Love my "Brownie Girl", that is her nickname because she's my brown haired brown eyed girl:) And She knows how much mommy LOVES Brownies!!!!

I see a little attitude starting here! Gabrielle is wanting another turn wearing the dress
And, the FIGHT is on, Ian decided to take up for Lexi and pulled Gabrielle's hair and then she hit him so here he is in the back crying. I'm telling you this is how our picture taking days seem to always end up. I'm trying to figure out why I keep trying to get pictures of my children.

I think my girls will make Beautiful Brides some day! In about 20 some years!

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