Saturday, August 15, 2009

Our Special Tea party

A few weeks ago we painted our very own tea party set, so we decided the other evening to have a tea party because it was raining outside and McKenzie had to get her wisdom teeth out the very next morning so we wanted to have a special little party together.

Gabrielle & Alexandria were kinda funny, they dressed up in there tutu's and insisted we have the tea party in there bedroom with there little table and chairs. So we did!

We bought 3 little roses for our tea party "centerpiece" and also to give to McKenzie in hopes she would feel good after having her wisdom teeth taken out!

We made brownies and bought cupcakes and yummy cinnamon bread.

Ian is checking out all the goodies!

The girls really LOVED the tea!

Lexi's brownie/cupcake!

We plan on having a special tea party and girls day hopefully once a month! We decided we are going to paint our own little goody plate and sugar dish!

The girls were very funny, first when we were almost finished with our tea party Gabrielle looked at me and said "This tea party was Stupendous" and I said, "Wow, that is a pretty big word" and then she said "that is a FANCY word for, it was really good, I loved the tea party"
Then, I looked at Lexi and said "What word would you describe the tea party?" and she said "Spectacular", I said "WOW, that is also a big word!", So I said "McKenzie, what word would you describe the tea party?" and McKenzie sang "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and I was just laughing, the girls really had fun and I said, well I would just say this was plain old "Sweet" Fun!!!!
What a good memory!

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