Saturday, August 29, 2009

They are ALL fish now!

Ian was in swimming lessons this summer and he disliked it very much, he would just keep asking if he was going to Ms. Kelly's (his swim teacher) and if I said yes, he would say NO Ms. Kelly's. The whole time he took lessons he cried and screamed. It was AWFUL. Well, Ian has enjoyed swimming at home with us, but he is very cautious which is very good, but today he learned to jump in by himself and swim back to the ledge. He did it over and over and over! I guess he figured out that he can have fun swimming now!

Yes, he is in his underwear. The boy has about 5 or 6 pairs of swimming shorts, but somehow he just jumped in with his underwear on and I didn't notice until he was already soaked. Oh well!

He is so proud of himself! He told me, "I go under water"

The girls always play sea monster and chase each other, they love to play in the pool!

It was such a hot day, it was nice just to spend the afternoon in the water

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