Sunday, October 4, 2009

Gabrielle's 7th Birthday Party

We had a "Lady Bug" Party for Gabrielle's 7th Birthday!

I just love the little invitations, so adorable!
And the lady bug cake that I was up til 3AM decorating!

Doesn't she just make you SMILE:)

And our yummy chocolate ladybug pops I made!
Some of the little eyes got a little lop sided, I was getting tired of being in the kitchen!

And our yummy chocolate covered strawberries and raspberries

And, ladybug jello

We love to go to the pottery place, so Gabrielle made a little pot with her fingerprints for the ladybugs and we wrote the saying like on her invitation to keep forever!

Her little pot came in handy for our fruit kabobs

We also made "Ladybug" bracelets!

Gabrielle was so anxious for everyone to get here for her party!

My lovely little "Lady" is seven, I can't believe how fast they grow up. It makes me happy, but sad at the same time.

Painting ladybugs at the party! I'm so goofy I got all fixed on pink/green ladybugs and bought only pink/green/black/white paint for this project and one of the girls asked me for red and black for the ladybug! I guess ladybugs are red and black huh! Good thing we have a bunch of paint colors!

Blowing her candles out!!!
McKenzie painted a ladybug on canvas for Gabrielle's pin the "Polka dot" on the ladybug game! I don't have pictures of them playing because I was videoing that but you can see McKenzie's art work in the picture below behind Gabrielle! I thought the ladybug turned out cute!
Happy 7th birthday to my sweet girl Gabrielle! I love you so much, Mommy!

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