Friday, October 23, 2009


McKenzie's homecoming dance was last weekend and she almost didn't get to go. She woke up at 11:30 in the morning with a fever of 102.6 and I said, doesn't look like your going to homecoming and of course she flooded the room with tears! She tried to tell me she had a fever because she was asleep under her covers and that made her hot, but she also had a sore throat and cough. So, off we went to urgent care and they tested her for swine. Thank goodness it was negative, but they did give her the tamiflu because a friend of hers tested positive for swine a couple of days prior to McKenzie getting sick. McKenzie asked the Dr. if she could go to homecoming and he said if you don't have a fever and you feel up to it, then ok! And, whether she really felt up to it or not, she wasn't going to miss it for anything, she was looking forward to this dance for the past month. The pictures are awful, because by the time they were ready to go it was already dark outside so we had to take pictures inside. We are going to re-do some pictures outside sometime!
Here is the dress

They beautiful corsage Baylin gave her

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