Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Years Eve

This year Jim was home on New Year's Eve, so we took the kids ice skating!Gabrielle loved it so much we had to drag her away. She was actually getting pretty good by the end.

Lexi had a lot of fun too, but every time she would venture away from the wall she ended up on the ice!

Ian got very tired very quickly, actually I think he wore me out. I was sweating from trying to hold him up on the ice. So, daddy and Ian went and ate some kind of big waffle thingy with chocolate and ice cream
Lexi cut her finger on the ice so we had to go get some yummy snack to make it better

Then the kids road the merry go round
And, for the first time as a family we road on this giant ferris wheel, it made my tummy sick

McKenzie road this ride all by herself, she loved it

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