Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lexi's Fancy Nancy party

These are just some of the "details" from Lexi's Fancy Nancy birthday party last weekend. We just love Fancy Nancy, so I have lots of fun with the girls and we pretend to be "fancy"!!!! Also, Fancy Nancy has a book Bonjour Butterfly and because my girls LOVE butterfly's we decided to do the party with butterfly's!
Lexi wanted to go to the farmers market to get a butterfly but we ran out of time. Maybe we'll do that next weekend!
Gabrielle & Alexandria were cracking me up because when I was icing the butterfly cake they suggested I should become a "chef", I was laughing because I am the worlds worst cook.

I thought the little hershey kiss stickers were too cute! They say, Kisses Lexi!
The fancy party stuff
Ian and I went strawberry picking one day while the girls were at school so we just had to make chocolate covered strawberries!
Fancy jewels! The girls all made a fancy butterfly place mat!
Lexi with her place mat, she is going to put it in her scrapbook!
Gabrielle with the place mat she made!
Lexi painted a little wooden butterfly also
Because we also love to go to the pottery place and paint, this year Lexi did a little pitcher to remember her special 6th birthday! She made 6 butterfly's using her fingerprints!
She can use this when we have out tea parties!
We had fun on the party day!

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