Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Who is Marabelle & Melissa?

I am telling you, my girls definately have a mind of there own! These 2 crack me up. On Saturday, we made a second attempt to get some pictures done for a little project that I am trying to complete. So, I kinda bribed the girls that if they do a good job and follow directions while getting these pictures done we would go to the farmers market and get a caterpillar (there favorite). The problem is, we got there and were trying to do some pictures but it was just too chilly and way too windy, so I guess I will have to make a 3rd attempt. Three times a charm! We wasn't able to get a caterpillar that day either so I'm hoping the weather will be nice to try again next Saturday and we will get a caterpillar!
Here are some of the pictures we got.

I also think I'm going to have to get Gabrielle's (oh sorry Melissa's) hair cut! We have been trying to let it grow, but I can't take it. Her hair is so fine and thin it just gets very straggly.
About the Marabelle & Melissa thing, as we were driving in the car, the girls decided they didn't like there names anymore. Alexandria wants to be called Marabelle and Gabrielle wants to be called Melissa. It was so funny because the rest of the day that is what they called each other. I'm laughing because it reminded me of when I was in kindergarten my mom said I use to write Sara on all of my papers at school. I guess lots of kids go through the phase where they don't like there names.

OK, all the pictures above were from the first attempt! Now here are the ones from my second attempt!

As I was trying to take pictures of Gabrielle, Lexi was complaining how cold she was and was trying to put her arms in her dress and Ian decided he was going to pick some pretty yellow flowers. So, my patience kinda started wearing thin.
He's sooooo cute, but we aren't allowed to pick the flowers.

We had to go see the railroad track too

Gabrielle with her poodle! Until I get these pictures the way I am envisioning them they will keep wearing something with the pink/black colors.
We just re-did there bedroom from a "Little girls room" to a "Bigger girls room" and it is pink/black so I'm trying to get pictures that I can have blown up for there room. I'll post pictures of that project another time.

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