Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have been trying to get some pictures of the girls to have blown up and I'm framing them and putting them in their bedroom. I got a few of Lexi that I was happy with and already had hers blown up, but I could not get one that I liked of Gabrielle till today!
Honestly, I think I was being just too picky. The first time, her hair was too long and needed cut, so we got it cut. Then we went back to do the pictures and it was way too windy, so her hair was blowing everywhere. Then we went for the 3rd time and it was too sunny, so she had shadows on her face, that wasn't going to cut it. So, FINALLY, today we went again and I said this is the last time I'm trying. She did great and we got something to choose from. The problem is, I keep thinking the pictures need to coordinate with each other, so I had to get a picture of Gabrielle with the same background as Lexi just facing in the opposite direction. I know, I was being rediculous.

She is so funny!
I love that the girls are so close, close in age and so close to one another. They truly are best friends.....They do fight as well, I don't love that!!!!!

I caught him again, getting ready to pick me some more flowers!

Grandma Stinson gave each of the kids something that belonged to Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Hudson. Ian got Great Grandpa's John Deere Tractors, these aren't toys, they are collectibles, but I wanted a pictures of them with Ian at his age now so when he grows up he can pass them on!

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