Sunday, March 21, 2010

My Bopper

I can't believe my little "Kenzie Bopper" is going to be SEVENTEEN in less than 3 months.
Life just passes us way too fast. We have been talking a about college lately and she takes the ACT this April. In May she wants to try out for cheer leading again for her senior year, she had so much fun cheering this past year and now she is playing flag football! McKenzie played soccer one year when she was little so now she says she wants to play soccer next year too!
I look back when she was little, she was the cutest little thing, and she has always been so sweet and never did anything bad, I think the worse thing she ever did when she was little was get into my makeup and put it all over her face and everything, she was even prissy back then! McKenzie is a great young lady, she is doing awesome in school, I love her so much! When McKenzie was a baby she LOVED Barney & Baby Bop, every time they came on she would try to sing and dance so she got her nick name "Kenzie Bopper" I would sing to her "Kenzie Bopper do the BOPPITY BOP" and she would dance away!
I'm not even sure why I'm writing this, I guess I'm feeling my baby's are all getting so big way too fast. We stopped and took these pictures the other day in about 5 minutes so I just had to post a new picture!

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