Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Dear God"

I just had to post this one thing right now. We have had a very busy July already, we celebrated our Anniversary, which I have lots of pictures of that to share! And, I have lots of pictures from the 4th of July to share as well, but I'll do all those a different day. I am soooooo tired, McKenzie and I have been painting her bedroom all day today.
Anyway, I just went into our bedroom and I saw a piece of paper on the floor under our bed so I picked it up and started reading it, this is what it says.....
"Dear God, if I pass away I would like my family to come with me. I love you so much and I want to follow in your foot steps. I love you like your my own dad. Love Gabrielle S."

This letter, made me cry, I took it to Jim and said look what I found under our bed and he read it. That was such a sweet letter, I have to keep it forever. Mommy & Daddy loves you very much Gabrielle, that was so sweet.

The picture below is from our Anniversary! We made a little movie and Gabrielle & Alexandria were wearing McKenzie's flower girl dress and pretending to be brides!
We had lots of fun and the girls looked beautiful!

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