Saturday, February 21, 2009


The girls have been begging to get another caterpillar, so last Saturday we went to the Farmers Market, but the caterpillar man wasn't there. So, today we were off to the Farmers Market again, and we got the LAST caterpillar. We have had 2 each, but we have always gotten the Swallowtail, this is a White Peacock so he looks different than what we are use to. This is also a baby we were told so "Spikey" is very small. The girls wanted there own, but we are thankful to have one to share! They agreed on his name, so that was good!

Discussing what his name was going to be!!!

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fran Booth said...

Hi I love their sweater dresses! Your blog is great I like checking in to see how your all doing. Fran