Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of Playing Today

Ian and I had fun playing with the sidewalk chalk while the girls road there bikes!
Okay, I am convinced, it is time for another haircut!
Lexi spotted a lady bug so of course Gabrielle jumped off of her bike and had to capture this lady bug. I have no idea why my girls are interested in "bugs". There little caterpillar "Spikey" died and went to heaven, we just got him yesterday so sometime between last night and this morning he died. The girls were making heart shaped letters for him saying that they love him this morning. When daddy called Lexi told him that he died and daddy said they probably gave him a heart attack. I felt really bad so I guess we'll be making another trip to the farmers market again soon. But, I think we'll stick with the Swallowtails!
Gabrielle is really checking out this ladybug, she probably knows exactly how many spots she has!

Gabrielle dropped the ladybug so it was a fight who was getting to it first

I'm not even kidding, one minute these kids are making me crazy and the next minute they are making me laugh so hard. I hear them all the time playing like "Jim & Le" it is the funniest thing, Gabby is normally "Le" and Lexi is normally "Jim", they must have been playing this again because when Lexi fell off her bike she would NOT get up until Gabrielle came to help her. She was calling for her by yelling "Honey, come help me"

He's my bubble boy!!!


fran said...

Caterpillars, who knew? That's the kind of pet to have!!! I wish someone had told me!!

fran said...

that's too funny the girls playing Jim & Le.

Dad & Fran said...

We miss you all sooooo much!!!