Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Birthday!

Well, this is not something that I would talk about normally, but I have to say I was completely surprised by my husband. He had to work this year on my birthday and is gone for 6 days, so a couple of days before my Birthday I had to go pick up 2 kids from school early and take them to the Doctor and when we got home we found a cake with baloons and horns and gifts. We were NOT supposed to celebrate my birthday this year because my camera broke back in December so he bought me a new camera in January as an early birthday gift. Anyway, he just had to put ALL of the candles on the cake and video and sing and the whole thing.
Yeah, lots of candles.
This picture was taken by my oldest daughter as daddy was videoing, but this picture cracked me up because everyone was blowing hard!
Today, Ian and I went to the most Magical Place on Earth....
Ian would not look at me at all for pictures, he was trying to climb everything.
Ian kept saying "ride horsey" he loves the Merry-go-round so he and I road it twice! These pictures are awful, because I was trying to take a picture of him on the horse in the mirrors as we were moving. Oh well!

Had to stop to smell the flowers!
Got a new flash for my camera, now I gotta figure that out!
My dad and step mom Fran sent me a beautiful Pandora bead! My daughter McKenzie saved her money and bought me the bracelet for Christmas so now I have my first bead! I'm so excited!!!!
Thank you!!! I love it:)
I also got a "new" phone that matches my car, Pearl white! Everyone was teasing me because I didn't have a "texting phone", well now I do, the keyboard pulls out the side. Now, if I could only keep little hands off of my phone we'll be in good shape! Ian argues with me over my old phone he says it is Ian's phone!

Thank you to everyone for all the Birthday wishes & gifts, I am so thankful for everyone!

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Anonymous said...

We loved the pics of your birthday party and you and Ian at Disney. Wish we all could've been together. Luv U Dad & Fran