Wednesday, March 4, 2009

THE Fight with McKenzie

This is kind of a random post, but I just wanted to tell about this! The picture above is from back at Christmas time, McKenzie and her boyfriend were making a ginger bread house! I will explain more about that in a minute!

The house they decorated as you can see is all Green and Orange (Baylin is a HUGE Miami fan) so their house was a Miami Home!!!
Their house did turn out Great!!!! The house first went back to Baylin's house for a month or so and they were going to trade off who has the house every other month. Well, it came back to "our" house and of course if you really want to save something around here, YOU BETTER PUT IT IN A SAFE PLACE!!!!! McKenzie put it in her room and Ian tore into it and pulled all the candy off. But, McKenzie was still saving it for whatever reason.

Okay, this house was decorated by Gabrielle and Alexandria with the help of mommy! Our poor little house didn't stay together so well, and kept falling apart as I was taking the pictures, so needless to say it went in the trash very quickly.

Below picture was taken last year at homecoming (Precious Moments BABY train)
Okay, onto what this post is REALLY about.... I have been fighting with McKenzie for about a month to Clean her room/closet!!! Well, I guess with a teenager you can talk until you turn blue! So, I have figured out to get what you want done take the best thing away from her!!!! It use to be her cell phone first, then her laptop!!! Now it is her time spent with her boyfriend!!! She normally only gets to spend time with him on Saturday here at our house and sometimes on Sundays after church. So last week I told McKenzie not to plan anything for the whole weekend because she was going to clean her room. OH BOY, she was NOT happy, all she did was cry!!! But,
These two pictures are also from last year at Homecoming, Purple Piggy Bank and her pastel McKenzie name letters that Maw Maw got her years ago.
We re-did her name letters to match her room now!!!
Pictures of McKenzie's room now, it is still a little cluttered, but we got rid of a lot of baby stuff!! It is a teenagers room, all about black & white polka dots, stripes, flowers and damask! and purple that may be changed to PINK!

She did have to keep the 2 stuffed animals on her bed because Baylin got them for her!
Baby elephant water globe! McKenzie's room was done all in elephants when she was a baby so this is one of the things left that she may still keep!
This is a porcelain shoe that was given to use when she was born!
We are definitely keeping this, I'm surprised it hasn't been broken!
My dad brought this little lamb to the hospital when McKenzie was born, and she will always keep him.
And, my mom bought this little elephant for me when I was pregnant with McKenzie and it was taken to the hospital when she was born so this little elephant will be kept forever as well!!

Like I said, this post is very random!!! But I guess I am proud of McKenzie for finally getting her room and closet cleaned and for getting rid of some stuff. I made her throw the ginger bread house away, we are DE-CLUTTERING!!!!! It drives me nuts! We will go from one room to the next til it is DONE!

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