Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy, Fun Day

On this past Saturday, we had a very fun filled busy day!!! We had to take McKenzie to work a car wash for her Lacrosse team, so since we were up and out early we went to the Farmers market again and brought home 2 caterpillars! These are monarch caterpillars so hopefully we will have better luck with these!

Gabrielle & Alexandria named both caterpillars "Stripes", they really were very interested in them because they had a pattern (Black, white, yellow)

All Ian cared about was getting a balloon!! And then, throwing rocks! Good thing he didn't hit my camera.
I LOVE taking pictures on railroad tracks! It brings back very fun memories for me, as a kid when we went to visit my Grandma she would walk what seemed to be miles with me and my brother on the railroad tracks and we just had the best time!

Lexi got a kick out of her caterpillar on her thumb, he was dancing!
At the Farmers Market this weekend they had a fitness day going on, so Gabrielle had lots of fun with the hoola hoop! She is actually pretty good at it now!
Even did it around her neck!!
And got to play with a parachute!
Under the parachute!
On the parachute!
Face painting!

Ian was a puppy dog!
This lady reminded me of my grandma in a way, you could just tell she really loved children. She made Ian a helicopter balloon, Gabrielle a flower hat and Lexi a butterfly bracelet.

Definately reminded me of Nanny here

We got to see the cow, and drink chocolate milk!
My Butterfly girls

I'm getting the look, no more pictures
Ian was so tired he was practically falling asleep here

Then, we went and picked up McKenzie and went strawberry picking!

We left the strawberry patch and these roosters were crossing the road, I just had to chase them down a take a picture. I know I am crazy.
The kids really enjoyed hear the rooster sound!!! I think we need to move to a farm!

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