Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sad Day

This poor little hummingbird flew right into our back yard pool screen, he was stuck and died. Jim had to pull him out it was so sad and he was very beautiful.

Another reason today was a sad day was because one of our baby chick's didn't make it. We got them on Saturday and we did some "Easter pictures" with them and the little yellow one kinda seemed very calm or sickly. Gabrielle took to the yellow one right away, she insisted the yellow chick was her baby and she took very good care of her, but today she died.
You can kind of tell in the picture below the yellow one just seemed to not feel well. She kept laying down, it was so sad.
Gabrielle loved her yellow baby!

Lexi first chose the black/yellow one, but ended up trading Ian for the orange one later that day.

And, Ian made sure everyone knew which chick was his. He said "My chicky"

I'm thinking we really do need to live on a farm! But, actually I have realized that I think all the little things are cute while they are babies and then I want nothing to do with them. And, they STINK so I really want no animals! We will be taking these little guys back to the chicken farm real soon!
Gabrielle came home from school and was very sad that her chick died, but she asked Lexi if she could have hers. Lexi is so giving, she said sure you can hold him. But when Gabrielle gets a hold of anything Lexi won't be getting it back!
Oh, and don't look at my child, she was playing and looks like a HOBO, boots on, backpack, she has her guitar, and tons of bracelets, flashlights.....Don't ask!

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