Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 1st day of SPRING!!!

Lexi's caterpillar is now in the cocoon! I'll be glad when this process is over, it is getting old!

My little man showing off in his big boy underwear! I think he is getting ready for real potty training, but I have been putting it off until the kids are out of school because we are in the car so much in the morning dropping of the 3 girls and then picking them all up in the afternoon. So, we will start the process when we are at home all day so we can make potty runs!

Going POTTY!Ian got a much needed haircut last night! I have been saying for the past couple of weeks that we are going to go get his hair cut but we have been so busy. The lady was laughing because the past 2 times she cut his hair he practically fell asleep in the chair. He doses off, it is so funny! I think it relaxes him not to mention it was also close to bedtime!

And, of course he is doing what he does best! Ignoring mommy, he would not look at me.
Daddy bought this shirt for Ian, it is SO Ian, 100% BOY. Boys are definitely different than girls!

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