Saturday, March 21, 2009

Life is so Beautiful

We woke up this morning and were so excited to see that Gabrielle's Monarch caterpillar came out of her cocoon and is now a beautiful butterfly. The kids absolutely love watching these creatures change from a caterpillar to the cocoon to the beautiful butterfly. I got them a butterfly tent so that we can keep them and watch them fly around for a few hours rather than keeping them in the little plastic box so we have had a lot of fun with this butterfly,
Gabrielle named her "Victoria"!
She seemed to really like Gabrielle she flew right onto her shoulder and just stayed there.
One side of the wings are like a yellow and the other side is a bright orange, so pretty!

The butterfly even climbed onto her hand

The picture below, we put the butterfly with a flower on a table we have, the picture in the background is of my 3 beautiful girls from 5 years ago! Its kinda silly but this just makes me realize how beautiful life is and how God created such beautiful things!! They started out so small and tiny and fragile and turn into the most beautiful creations!

We are ready to release her!
Holding her for the last time!

Look how orange this side is
And, how yellow this side of the wings are

Ian got to hold it before it flew awayShe flew right up to the tree in our front yard and just sat there.

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