Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ready for Spring Break!!

Today was the last day of school for Spring Break!!! YAY! I am really looking forward to next week not having to make our daily morning and afternoon drop off and pick ups! We will hopefully be able to relax and enjoy our spring break.The Lexi Beetle

I have been so happy with the preschool that the girls have gone to, Gabrielle and Alexandria both went to this preschool last year and this year Lexi is still there. We have been so blessed by the teacher that she has, Alexandria got the same teacher that Gabrielle had last year and also Gabrielle had this teacher the prior year, so we have had this teacher for the past 3 years! The girls love her and they really enjoy going to school! Lexi ended the week by learning all about spring and how God gives us new life! I love most that this school is a Christian school and they learn about God everyday and have chapel time, it is great! I wish private christian schools weren't so expensive, every one of my children would be enrolled.
She learned about caterpillars & butterflies, beetles and she grew her own lima bean plant!

Lexi was also the Super Star student this week!!!

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