Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lexi's zebra long tail butterfly

Lexi's butterfly finally decided to come out of his cocoon!!! We have been waiting for him everyday, we thought he was going to emerge last Thursday because we were holding his little plastic box that he was in and when we moved it he started squirming all around, so we watched it for about a half hour and nothing, just a lot of squirming. So, everyday we have been checking on him and waiting patiently! This morning we got up and checked and he was out and ready to fly! The girls put him in there butterfly house and watched him.
Lexi was finally able to capture him for a quick second before he flew off again
I was also able to hold him for a second, I kept telling the girls to keep him in the butterfly house because I did not want him to get loose in the house. Well, as usual they didn't listen and the next thing I know I have a butterfly flying around in my kitchen so I had to get a chair and climb up to capture him! But then we were able to get some pictures of Lexi holding her butterfly!

She was so excited because Gabrielle was able to hold her last butterfly so Lexi really wanted a chance to hold him. She was so happy, then here comes Ian swatting a shirt and hit the poor butterfly and hurt his wings. The girls were very sad. Ian said, "sorry butterfly".
Lexi is about to cry because she is worried about her butterfly.

She wanted to get a picture of her butterfly with her favorite butterfly shirt!!!

So sad, his right wing is hurt.

Gabrielle is trying to make him feel better.
We took him outside and he flew to this flower so I told the girls we are going to just let him go, but Lexi really wanted to keep him to show daddy. Daddy won't be home til tomorrow and I don't want him to die so I made them leave him where he wanted to be. Lexi said, is he going to die? I said I don't know, but he is happy where he is and she said how about we say a prayer for him. So we did!!!

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