Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Little man is TWO & A HALF

Wow, I cannot believe Ian is already 2 1/2 years old, time is going way too fast. Before I know it he will be going to school:(He is definately my little helper, he likes to bring the trash can in after the trash man picks up the trash! Sometimes this takes forever because is is so determined to do everything these days. He tells me "Me do it"

I have no idea why he keeps sticking his tongue out and then biting down, but he keeps making this face these days. Crazy boy!!!
He was telling me "Oooh, stinks", he knocked the trash can over and then tried to climb on it to pick it up, I guess he got a whiff of it, YUK

That time of year again to start swimming lessons soon. I dread that!
The girls love to play with Ian as much as he loves to play with them, he thinks he is just as big as they are, Lexi pulled him around the pool in the tube, he loved it!
Of course kisses!!!

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