Monday, April 27, 2009


Prom was April 18, 2009
Getting her fingernails and toenails a french manicure

Of course as soon as we get in the car McKenzie has to text Baylin!

Getting her hair done! I refused to do her hair for prom, I did her hair for homecoming and it was not a good mother/daughter experience. McKenzie is waaayyyy to picky and of course I couldn't do it right, so this time the professionals did it and she loved it!

McKenzie did end up having to switch hair stylist because the first gal got too upset or wasn't up for the challenge. So McKenzie had to wait a little longer for someone else. See, I told you, she is too picky!
First look!
Thank goodness, she had a smile because I had to threaten her that if I pay to get her hair done she better NOT touch her hair after it is done.

The dress

Miss Prissy


Putting on her corsage

Trying to put on his boutonniere

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