Thursday, July 9, 2009

More from our Ohio Trip

The kids had so much fun at Popie Bill and Nana Fran's, they loved playing in the yard and picking mint for there iced tea and chasing after Coby, Emery and Ellie

Loved all the pretty flowers they have in there yard.
The kids ran down the driveway to get the mail and ran all the way back up, they really burned some energy, but it didn't seem to wear them out too much!
We went to Camden Park, the kids had a blast and best of all is we didn't have to wait in lines and pretty much had the park all to ourselves! It was great! This park is special because my dad went and played at this park when he was a little boy, so it is neat to take my kids somewhere that he went to as a kid!

Ian loves choo choo trains and he pointed the train out as we were riding across the park in the sky ride!
The girls riding behind Ian and I in the skyride, this ride made me very nervous because there are no seat belts and I was so afraid someone would fall out.
Popie Bill in the sky ride!
Finally the girls coming down!
Popie Bill and Lexi riding the Whip
And McKenzie and Gabby
I can't remember the name of this ride but it was a lot of fun!
We were flying across the sky!

Ian saw the motorcycles and he wanted to ride this ride!

The spider ride

The Carousel horses

When we rode the train, it was drizzling light rain and we spotted these beautiful blue flowers I just had to get a picture of them!
This ride is very special because it is the very first ride Ian ever rode at Camden Park in 2007, he was only 9 months old at the time and now here he is on the same ride at age 2.5

And we love the bumper cars
I think Popie Bill is going to rear end McKenzie

And we saved the best for last, the kids road the log ride with Popie Bill and they had a blast!
Here they come down the little hill

And the sign says "DO NOT ROCK LOG", we saw popie Bill rocking the log!
Hold on, here comes the big hill!!!!!!

And they made a splash!

That was so much fun!!!
Popie Bill tried to splash us

Thank you so much for such a great day!

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