Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playing in the yard at Popie Bill and Nana Fran's

On Saturday morning Popie Bill had to go to work and Nana Fran had to run a few errands so we got up and went to my favorite, Tim Horton's that is one place I miss from Ohio, how come we don't have Tim Horton's in Orlando? Oh well, on our way back we had to stop and pick 3 wild daisy's on the side of the road. I know, I'm crazy, I'm always pulling over for something.
When we got back, the kids played in the yard and I took pictures of all the neat things growing there!

I wish I could grow these beautiful flowersThey also have pumpkins growing

I really picked these 3 daisy's because we were going to a wedding later that afternoon and the girls dresses had the exact same daisy!
Look at the big beautiful daisy's in there flower bed
Ian is checking out the garden
Nana Fran came home and brought the girls snow peas! They love these!
She also brought them a clock, Popie Bill wanted them to have a clock so they can learn to tell time, so they were working on that! Thank you for the clock, it is a neat clock that teaches not only how to tell time, but also the colors for Ian and shapes and numbers! We will keep this forever, from Amish country!
And the tree climbers!

Coby was patiently waiting for another piece of cat food. The girls kept giving him pieces.

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