Sunday, August 23, 2009

Girls got a new caterpillar!

We went to get a new caterpillar this weekend. I promised the girls last week that we would go this weekend and when we went to McKenzie's new high school to meet her teachers the kids saw caterpillars on the ground and they definitely were planning to go get one. I told them we were going to get ONE and share, but of course when we got there Gabrielle wanted a monarch and Alexandria chose something we haven't had yet a Common Buckeye. So they each have one and are taking very good care of there "Pets"
Ian was just interested in the train going by

Lexi's little buckeye

Ian decided he was going to start his "jumping", this is his favorite thing to do. Jump off of things.
Here he goes, Get ready!
Set, GO

He landed on two feet!!!
So, up he goes again. Now he has the confidence he can do it from this height so he did it over and over

Love how the girls have there little "talks"

Gabrielle with her monarch

Saw this little lizard

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