Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet the teacher!

We went to meet Gabrielle & Alexandria's teachers!!!!

Lexi is very quiet and shy (until she gets to know you) and she is very clingy to me at school for some reason. Last year when she was in Pre-K and the year before in preschool she would cry and she has made a few comments that she doesn't want to go to school. But we try to make it sound like Kindergarten is so much fun and she is going to have a great time. So, I'm hoping she doesn't cry on the first day of school.

Lexi sat in her seat and first she told me "I don't like pictures" and I said well mommy has to get a picture of you going to Kindergarten so she sat down and I wasn't sure if she was going to cry or what.Then, she looked down at her table and saw the cookies from her teacher! She was super excited then! Cookies always help her feel better! And, she got a goody bag full of surprises!

Ian was so excited about the classroom, he wanted to play BAD!
Lexi with her Kindergarten teacher!
As we were walking to Gabrielle's class, Ian kept saying "I go to school", my baby already wants to go to school.

Gabrielle with her 1st Grade teacher! She went in and gave her a big hug, Gabrielle had this teacher last year for Drama class, so she is excited because she already knows her.
It was cute though, the teacher asked Gabrielle if she had a nice summer and what did she do and she asked Gabrielle "Did you get married?", Gabrielle said No, I'm too little! Teacher said GOOD ANSWER!!!

My little 1st grader

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