Friday, October 30, 2009

Fun Halloween Party

We went to a really fun Halloween Party today!
The kids were Pirates!

About to have a Pirate fight! Errrrr

They got there face painted, and I looked at Ian he was looking in the mirror checking out his pumpkin cheek, so I hurried and snapped this picture!

Cute little pumpkin!
Lots of yummy treats!
Lexi loved the snacks!

The cookies turned out so cute!

I think the pirate is spying on me!

Gabrielle got something scary on her cheek, I have no idea why.

Her missing tooth, she pulled it out in the car yesterday on the way home from Grandpa & Grandma's house
Lexi got a cat on her cheek!

The kids are looking forward to trick-or-treat tomorrow night!

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