Friday, October 30, 2009

Grandpa & Grandma's

We went to Jim's parents house the other day and we made a stop on the way and I took a couple of pictures!
My 2 favorite boys
Lexi pooh watching "LOTS" of fish jumping out of the water!

When we got to Grandma's she was showing us all of her "Pretty" things! One of the things Gabrielle picked up and thought was pretty was a necklace that belonged to Grandma's Mommy, so that would be Daddy's Grandma, Gabrielle's Great-Grandma. I had to take a picture of Gabrielle with the necklace on, it was beautiful! Gabrielle asked me if she ever saw her Great Grandma and I said yes, so I am showing a picture of them from June 1, 2004 we took a family trip to go visit them that summer and I am so glad we did because both Grandpa & Grandma passed away in 2005. I guess it was on my mind because Halloween 2005 we were in Indiana for Jim's Grandma's funeral.

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