Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Ian! We love you so much!

Our little man is 3, wow time flies. Ian helped me bake his cake!
Then he painted a little train! He is really into trains right now and absolutely loves to paint, he would paint everyday if he could!
Another favorite of Ian's right now is balloons, back in the summer when he was potty training I would tell him if he goes potty on the big boy potty he would get a balloon, now every time he sees a balloon, he says to me "I a good boy, I get a balloon" that just melts my heart so yes he ends up getting a balloon every time we see them. Today he got THREE, a red, blue and green for my 3 year old boy!

The girls painted a train for Ian

The Choo Choo train Cake! Daddy even helped me with some of the decorating! I wish I would have had my camera ready then! I think he was just interested in the candy;)

Birthday BOY
Blowing his candles out!
Wow, a train table!
We have been looking at these at Toys R Us, he is so funny as soon as we walk in the door at the store he takes me straight to the train table isle. He really wanted a train table!

Today we went to ride the little train! Ian was the only kid on the train, he was so excited to ride this train and he even got to sit in the engineers seat! WOW
Ian chose to ride in the "Blue" train!

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