Friday, October 23, 2009

Ian's 3rd Birthday Pictures

One day last week I was shopping and I look down and Ian was holding a tie, and he was pointing at a hat that was on a shelf that was too high for him to get to without climbing so he was telling me to get it. I got the hat down and he put it on and he did not want to take it off. I was just thinking to myself, I'll put it up when we are done and then I thought he is pretty cute in that hat and he said "I wear the tie" so I said you want to wear that? And, he said "Yah" (That is Ian's word for YES). So, I'm just thinking what are we going to do with this hat and tie???? Ohhhh, maybe I can do some Birthday pictures:) And, then I had to try to find a shirt to match the tie that he picked out so I did!
So here is Ian in his Birthday outfit that he picked out! And, he was all up for getting pictures taken because I told him we were going to go see a train! He LOVES trains!
We were on our way to go see the train and I saw these tall grassy weeds that I love, so I thought we will get out here and get some pictures. Then I got a little scared to go into the weeds because there are probably snakes in there so we stood at the edge of the weeds!
I love the weather we had this day, it was BEAUTIFUL, sunny & chilly in the morning in the high 50's and the high was only 68, which is chilly for us. We were actually cold with pants and long sleeves on. I love the crisp fresh air, it makes me want to go see the leaves changing and the fall season somewhere.
Boys are so different than girls, he points out every bus that goes by (which he was doing below) every train, every motorcycle, every airplane, every boat.

He heard a train coming so he sat and waited for it to go by.

Ian was so happy to see the big train!

Ok, we are off to the pumpkin patch to see our friends and have storytime!

My little pumpkin!
Ian picked out his own pumpkin
and put the stickers on it, just the way he wanted it!

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