Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter to Everyone

We had a wonderful day today, we got some last pictures with our little chicks and duckling and then we took them back to there home.Gabby & Lexi's chicks in my pretty flowers. I love snapdragons!

My pretty snapdragons

A kiss goodbye. Ian didn't want to give his chick back.

All saying bye bye

Then, we went to the Easter egg hunt and the kids got to sit in a firetruck!
And wear the HAT
We ate yummy sno-cones

And got tattoos

And went in the bounce house

Then, we went home and colored easter eggs!

KISSING his eggs

McKenzie didn't go with us all day because she stayed home to do homework. She didn't believe me that I took "her" duckling back without letting her say goodbye. Last night she sat and held him (in a towel) for a long time, and she grew to really like him. McKenzie wanted to keep the duckling and let him go when he grows up, I said NO WAY!!! Anyway, she colored ONE Easter egg with us. I guess thats better than none!
McKenzie's one egg

Happy Easter!

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