Saturday, April 3, 2010

More chicks

We went to the beach yesterday, it was a beautiful day!

Day 2 with our duckling & chickys

Lexi was upset because her chicky went "potty" on her... we had some tears
So, Lexi didn't want to hold her chicky now so Gabrielle let her hold the duckling

In the picture below Ian was saying "chicky", he loves his baby chick. It was really funny because we were in the car and Ian smelled something and he plugged his nose and said
"OOOHHH, I smell something, I think it was maybe the baby chicky's" I was laughing so hard because he said it while plugging his nose, it was really funny

Ut oh more kisses

Gabrielle was keeping the duckling warm with her dress....
Lexi likes her chick again, after the very dramatic potty situation

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