Saturday, April 3, 2010

Our baby chicks

We went to get a couple of chicks and the kids also talked me into a cute little duckling...they tried to talk me into a bunny as well, but that didn't happen!
Each kid picked out there own chick and we got the duckling for McKenzie because she didn't really want to touch the chicks.
Ian LOVES his baby chick!
I know, ooohhhh he gives it kisses
He is SOOOOOOO sweet, he always gives kisses to mommy, daddy and the girls

Ian got a little yellow chick with some black on him, he is cute
Lexi with her little chicky, hers is black with a little yellow
And, McKenzie then decided she was NOT going to hold that duckling or the chicks.
Gabrielle's chicky is also mostly black with some yellow.

Gabrielle decided that she was going to take over the duckling since McKenzie wouldn't hold it.
Isn't he the cutest little duckling!!!

McKenzie is getting a little protective over the little duckling...I see an argument starting
Gabrielle got upset because she didn't get full control over the duckling so she was not going to have anymore pictures taken, so she isn't in the below picture.

OKAY, I'll get more pictures (that is what little Miss Gabrielle said) as you can see her face is a little red because of the crying over the duckling....GEESE, I think I should have gotten 2 ducks
Gabrielle loves this little duckling, she has ditched the chick!
The duckling loves her too, he keeps trying to get on her shoulder and then nibbles at her hair. It was pretty funny!

Our visit to the Easter Bunny

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