Saturday, March 7, 2009

NOT so cute anymore...

You see the window above our garage? That is our guest bedroom window and we discovered back in December that we had 3 raccoons that were climbing up our palm tree and peeking in our window and sleeping on our roof. I saw them one day when I was backing out of the drive way and something caught my attention up on the roof and they went running. Jim was out on a trip and I told him so he said when he gets home he will "take care of it". I told him they are cute, don't hurt them!
Look how cute!!! He brought a piece of mulch up there with him.
Well, Jim said he was going to get rid of them, so one day I came home and caught Jim upstairs hanging out the window with the "Pool" stick poking these poor little raccoons. He was trying to chase them down off the house. 2 of them fell off the roof and went running in different directions and the other one jumped over to the palm tree and just sat there. We thought we had gotten rid of them, but they came back a few days later. We made sure they could NOT get in the house or in the attic, so we just thought we would leave them alone. We cannot open the window upstairs on cool days because they come right up to the screen and I'm afraid they would get in.
I think we are going to have to really get rid of them if they come back again, because I was upstairs cleaning the windows and found that these guys are NOT so cute anymore, they are now bringing trash up on our roof, he must have been playing with tin foil because it was up on the roof.

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