Sunday, May 24, 2009

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Kenzie Bopper

We had a meeting Wednesday night about trying out for cheerleading for the new high school for next school year, the girls picked there numbers out of a basket and the number they got was the number they would use for trying out. McKenzie picked out #12, which is very funny because that is her boyfriends football jersey #! So, McKenzie kept this little piece of paper folded in her cell phone case, she said it is good luck!I think the little piece of paper got more crinkled up while we were waiting for the coach to post the list with all the numbers on it. McKenzie was so nervous!

She painted her shirt for try-outs, the school colors are navy blue, white and silver and they are the Lake Nona Lions!
Yesterday McKenzie had cheerleading try-outs for Lake Nona High School and she
MADE IT!!!!!!
Way to go BOPPER!!! She was so excited and surprised, so I am very happy for her!


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Robin McAdams (Cornell) said...

Congratulations Kenzie. Savannah is so happy that both of you are going to be on the same squad. Camp will be fun. Take care, Ms. Robin.