Sunday, May 24, 2009

Gabrielle's Kindergarten Awards

Oh my goodness, I cannot believe this year has gone by so fast. This has been a very busy week, Gabrielle had her Kindergarten awards the other morning, she will be going into first grade and Lexi had Kindergarten orientation the other night, she will be going into Kindergarten! Lexi is very shy, she was excited about orientation but then started saying "I don't think I will go to Kindergarten", she says who will be my friends? Gabrielle told her it is fun, and it is just like preschool except you have more kids in your class. So, we'll see how she handles her first day. I'm not going to stress yet, I have all summer at home with them! Gabrielle waiting with her class!Mrs. Portnoy,
she is the best teacher, Gabrielle absolutely loves her and talks about her all the time, we are hoping Lexi will get Mrs. Portnoy next year because she already knows her from seeing her after school everyday when we pick up Gabrielle, I think Lexi would adjust better knowing the teacher.

Gabrielle accepting her awards from Mrs. Moss the principal. Gabrielle told me, "she whispered in my ear to keep up the good work"! Gabrielle received two awards, one for "The Hardest Worker" and the other for "Excellence in Computer Class"

We also had a meeting for McKenzie for the collegiate academy for the new high school she will be going to next year. It is really coming along and will be opening very soon, I am super excited about this because it is only a couple of miles from our house! McKenzie will be taking all AP classes, which is good because she can get college credit, but I am nervous because I know it is going to be VERY hard work, I know the amount of homework she has had the past 2 years in honors classes, I can't imagine how it is going to be next year. I guess the good thing is, it will get her prepared for college! Can't believe she will be a Junior, and will be turning 16 in 25 days,
OH MY!!!!!

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