Sunday, May 24, 2009

McKenzie's Lacrosse Awards

Last week we also had McKenzie's Lacrosse banquet, she loves to play lacrosse! She got an award for playing, she got her 1st letter "B" for Boone high school varsity team sport and she got a lacrosse pin!
Boone also has a tradition to give out a paper plate award to each player, McKenzie got the
"I can't practice without my boyfriend" award! This was kinda funny because, Baylin was definately McKenzie's #1 fan/supporter, he would show up in the morning before school to be there for McKenzie while she practiced! Also, at the games, he was the one in the stands yelling and clapping and cheering her on during fall ball! He would also bring her gatorade and water, and he would practice with her in the yard! Thank you Baylin!!!!

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