Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day at Disney

We have a 3 day weekend and this morning it seemed to be sunny for the first time in days! Jim was at work and I thought I need to get the kids out of the house today, so we headed to Magic Kingdom. On the drive there this black rain cloud was right beside us, so I thought, should I turn around and go home? NO, we are going!!!!Once we got to Magic Kingdom, the skies were blue and it was pretty outside! Ian always begs for a balloon, so I told him we would get one on the way out!

We always have to ride The Barnstormer! The kids love this roller coaster!
Ian was telling me it was an airplane, as we were waiting in line

The girls rode in the seat behind Ian and I
Waiting for Belle to come out for storytime!

The kids were looking for Belle when she left

Thank goodness storytime ended when it did, because all of a sudden it got dark and very windy and I heard thunder so we started hurrying to get to the train, we were good until we got to the train, then it started pouring so from the train to the car we got soaked! My poor little man didn't get his balloon this time.
The kids were hungry so we went to IHOP
Then on the drive home we saw a pretty rainbow
There were actually 2 rainbows
The sky just kept changing, it was so beautiful! I had to keep stopping to take pictures of the beautiful sunset

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